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Gilda Award Shortlist

Nominated memoirs are “Distinguished by their fresh voices, their honesty, and their authenticity. They make us laugh (even when we want to cry).”
The Gilda is from Story Circle Network, honoring late comedian Gilda Radner.

Newcity’s Lit 50: “Who Really Books in Chicago 2020”


The Moth: two-time StorySLAM winner


“Chicago writer Ghielmetti gradually gains confidence and self-realization in this
globe-trotting memoir

. . . An uplifting affirmation of a rediscovered self.”


“Drawing on the beauty and idiosyncrasies of places all around the world, Brave(ish) is a compelling memoir about travel and self-acceptance . . . about letting go of the need to be perfect in order to live life fully. Written in a colloquial, humorous style, the book is ruthless in its honesty. . .”


“[Ghielmetti] demonstrates that middle age is not too late to learn the value of a little selfishness. Finally, she shows that personal growth requires doing things that are scary—though maybe not every day—and encourages readers to take each day one step at a time. Anyone who needs a nudge in the direction of self-indulgence will find a very pleasant one here.  Takeaway:  Women of a certain age, particularly those who are perfectionists, will enjoy this blend of memoir, travelogue, and self-help advice.”


Brave(ish) is a gorgeous, meditative book.  Ghielmetti is a skilled storyteller who takes the confined reader out of a single room, straight out of the country, and into a journey around the world. And what a spectacular journey it is!”


WomanScape's "What If?" Issue

Article by Yara Zgheib – January 2021 

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International Women's Club - Lausanne

Online Facebook interview – August 2020 

Women Writers, Women's Books

“Published authors share their best writing advice” – October 3, 2020 


Bookstagrammers Including

Adventures In Nonsense
When I first started reading Brave(ish), I (incorrectly) assumed that this would be another book written by someone entitled about how hard their life was as they traveled the world in luxury. I was wrong . . . I connected with Margaret and was severely invested in her journey. I cried with her as she said goodbye to both of her parents, cheered her on as she shared her stories on stage in front of strangers, and gave a resounding ‘Yasssss girl’ as she took steps to say yes to herself . . . I seriously can’t stop talking about this book . . . If you’re looking for a nonfiction read, you should definitely pick this one up.

Bites Books Brews
I’m also adoring Brave(ish) and want to just bunker down with the last half, because I’m just so fascinated by her experiences and want to learn more.

Down The Book Jar
I got to read quite a few advanced reader copies of books this year. Some, I really enjoyed. Other, not so much. Brave(ish) was definitely one of my favorites . . . I can relate to Margaret so much . . .

Gen Twenty
. . . we love to share some new release titles that are coming out in the self-development and career space. Here are book new books to read . . . that have caught my eye!
#1:  Brave(ish).

Hungry Book Club
So lucky to have read this advanced copy of Brave(ish) . . . A must read as soon as it’s available.

Reading Nook Reviews
. . . a well-written memoir with such a personal tone, it feels like talking to a friend.

The Hopeful Wanderer
Light and expressive, Brave(ish) would be perfect read for a book club or for anyone looking to escape into someone else’s life. 

What Alyssa Reads
Ghielmetti comes across as very authentic and real, and has a great voice for storytelling. She is skilled at combining humor with the powerful feelings of loneliness she felt as she adjusted to life in new countries. 


Women & Children First
Chicago – Book Launch – October 1, 2020  

City Lit Books
Chicago – Book Conversation – October 22, 2020  

“The memoir balances lighthearted and emotionally charged stories.  Drawing on the beauty and idiosyncrasies of places all around the world, Brave(ish) is a compelling memoir that tackles its life’s challenges in a nonjudgmental, loving fashion.”


Lausanne, Switzerland, Newsletter 2020


STORY JAM // music + stories

Ciao Bella Man


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